Culinary delights in Louisiana

Louisiana is full of intriguing history and mysterious Spanish-moss draped scenery. We’ve experienced our fair share, courtesy of our longtime friend Colin, a native of Vacherie, just an hour west of New Orleans.

More about that later.

It’s also a place for great and unusual food. We sought to avail ourselves of a good bit of it. (We’re going to have to step up the biking riding to compensate.)

Here are some visuals of our culinary escapades in the Pelican State. And, finally, a short video of Georges teaching our wonderful Louisianian host how to make a southwestern favorite – good old-fashioned guacamole!

You can’t visit Louisiana without enjoying a delicious crawfish boil:

We had started our Louisiana experience with a “kickin’ shrimp salad” in Cameron:

Not Louisianian, but this was our wedding-anniversary dinner of cheese and fruit at the Attakapas Island Wildlife Management Area on the banks of the Atchafalaya River:

Colin’s homemade “kek” for breakfast, a Vacherie speciality, similar to beignets but with a bread dough that produces a firmer center and a less-sweet delicacy:

Later, we went to the Bourgeois Meat Market in Thibodaux to buy crawfish boudin, spicy headcheese – and pig cracklin:

And we had lunch at Bubba 2’s in Thibodaux for the oyster poboys and Amber beer by Abita:

We also had delicious homemade dirty rice and red beans, courtesy of Colin’s sister, Lael. And a wonderful seafood gumbo and then crawfish bisque, a la Colin.

And finally, here’s Georges explaining the art of a good guacamole. Attention certain Innisfree-lakehouse compatriots: Note the reference to salt in this video:

14 thoughts on “Culinary delights in Louisiana

  1. Thoroughly enjoying your posts! We are living through you!

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    1. Love to hear that, Mary. Thank you! Working on a couple of new posts right now, in the breeze, in the shade, in a state park in Key Largo, overlooking the ocean…


      1. You are leaving the area where I spent my college years: Mobile, AL and Dauphin Island with a little New Orleans thrown in. I loved that environment and envy you experiencing it now.


      2. We had a lovely time in the New Orleans-Mobile area. Thought if you often….


  2. Love reading about your great Perimeter Adventure! Had to catch up as this is my first time to stop and read your blog after DMN published your article last week. I admit your living the dream of my husband and myself. We’re still a few years from starting. But for now I’ll live vicariously thru the two of you. Thank you so much for sharing. Be safe!

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    1. Great to hear from you, Gina. Welcome aboard!


  3. The guac has my mouth watering, but the other photos alone would have done that! You are eating like royalty — and I’m missing you here!

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    1. Lots of guac for you when we return!


  4. Seeing and reading this was pure torture. It’s almost 11 PM but I’m ready to get into my truck and head for Vacherie. It’s hard to imagine being happier than sitting down to that table full of crawfish and corn or to be chomping down on a good fried oyster poboy. You mustn’t be so cruel with your next post. At least here I can make myself some nice guacamole for tomorrow night.

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  5. Adventure eating!

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  6. That guacamole! Heaven!
    So happy to see you went to Bourgeois in Thibodeaux. Just the best, another third generation Louisiana business.


    1. We’re taking the crawfish boudin with us to eat in Mississippi or Alabama. Sacrilege!


  7. Nothing like good ‘ole guacamole! Good for you for taking a little Texas with you to our U.S. friends.

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