From solar panels to the best seats in the house

Have you heard of Jubilation: Work Life to the Rest of Your Life? It’s a series of podcast interviews with people who are doing interesting things post-career.

Retired banker Alexa B. Bradford is the creator – she leads by example! – and we had great fun as she interviewed us earlier this month about our year’s adventure on the Edges of America.

The podcast has just posted online: Hope you’ll grab a listen and enjoy…!

(Plus, the interviews with other retirees doing interesting things make good listening, too.)

3 thoughts on “From solar panels to the best seats in the house

  1. Alfonso Cevola June 23, 2019 — 6:46 am

    thanks for the recommendation. just finished reading this piece in that Atlantic which deals wirh aging and purpose.. for thought…

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    1. Thanks, Alfonso. So good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well. Would be fun to see you again. Will check out the Atlantic piece.


    2. I read it. Profound. Brooks is sooo good. Thanks for the rec.


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