From solar panels to the best seats in the house

Have you heard of Jubilation: Work Life to the Rest of Your Life? It’s a series of podcast interviews with people who are doing interesting things post-career.

Retired banker Alexa B. Bradford is the creator – she leads by example! – and we had great fun as she interviewed us earlier this month about our year’s adventure on the Edges of America.

The podcast has just posted online: Hope you’ll grab a listen and enjoy…!

(Plus, the interviews with other retirees doing interesting things make good listening, too.)

5 thoughts on “From solar panels to the best seats in the house

  1. My goodness, what a wonderful message to receive today! So glad you enjoy the blog — I’m impressed you read so many posts in one sitting. Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad you found them fun, moving, informational and inspiring! Always happy for feedback. (We are still traveling in our Casita, but in shorter bursts. Highly recommend 17’ Casitas!)


  2. Amazing…what a find! Your postcards are fun (the Canada border incident was sad but your take vs Georges take is sooo similar to me and my spouse–he is an Italian who loves to cook!), moving (Angel Island) and finding the other Keven, full of information (books–The Swerve, other reads–we love the Atlantic and David Brooks) and inspiring (we are on the cusp of planning our retirement life phase and wanting it to be special–as in the Epicurean quote you posted. I started today on the Casita website to get more info on the 17′ ones but got very pleasantly waylaid by your journal. BTW–bear spray and Canada who knew!??! …really glad we remembered to leave our cannister at the lodge on our last visit! We’ve done that crossing from Maine to Canada several times…no problem but once I gave a whole bag of apples to a family in Maine before we went thru Canadian customs–then found out the apples were OK. But the family was really happy about the apples…so not so bad. Anyway…safe travels–I’ll continue to work my way back through your journal. Many thanks for writing it and making it available.


  3. Alfonso Cevola June 23, 2019 — 6:46 am

    thanks for the recommendation. just finished reading this piece in that Atlantic which deals wirh aging and purpose.. for thought…

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    1. Thanks, Alfonso. So good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well. Would be fun to see you again. Will check out the Atlantic piece.


    2. I read it. Profound. Brooks is sooo good. Thanks for the rec.


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