“Are You the Perimeter People?”

We get asked a lot of questions as we meet people on the road. One of the most common is about the binoculars we use for birding. They are big, heavy, blue binoculars we bought years ago at West Marine when we went sailing with friends.

They’re good for distance. After all, they’re made to scan the horizon to avoid dangerous rocks, spot islands or otherwise avoid disaster/enhance the pleasure of being at sea.

Best of all, they have a compass inset across the bottom of the viewfinder. So when Georges spots a cool bird, he just tells me the compass number and I can quickly zero in on the bird, too, without the customary just-to-the-right-of-that-treetop-no-not-that-one confusion.

They’re less flexible for close-up birding. And I’m not sure I want to go on a long hike with that much weight around my neck. But we didn’t want to collect binoculars for different avocations like we already collect bicycles for different kinds of cycling. These binocs work for us.

Besides, they’re great conversation starters – even if I suspect more-sophisticated birders internally roll their eyes at our insouciance.

Another common question we get once people learn about our perimeter trek is: How do you pack for a whole year?

Actually, G and I have different answers to that question.

Here’s G’s answer:

Here’s my answer:

G packed seven t-shirts, a sweater, two pairs of pants, two pairs of shorts and one suit and tie. (Yes, just in case.) Three pairs of shoes and boots. He didn’t use all of his allotted space.

Me? I got my first-pass nine pairs of shoes all the way down to five (not including flip-flops and slippers, which aren’t really shoes.) I packed a few more shirts, sweaters, pants than he did. One dress (just in case). I used my designated oven-sized space, plus the unused portion of G’s – and finagled an extra box for clothes into the back of the Xterra.

So far, so good. I wonder what my stash will feel like in, say, August when we’re somewhere along the Manitoba-Minnesota border….

Far and away my favorite question so far, however, came at a photo shoot at White Rock Lake three days before lift off. As the photographer was setting up, a couple pedaled up on their bikes and asked: “Are you the perimeter people?”

The “perimeter people?” Why yes, I said. If you’re referring to our “Postcards from the Perimeter: A Year on the Edges of America” planned road trip, then that would be us. Did you read about it in The Dallas Morning News?

Yes and we want to do something similar in a couple of years, she confided – but probably in an Airstream. Their names were Sheryl and Kurt. We enjoyed giving them a quick tour of our home-on-wheels.

Before the photographer could shoot a single frame, another couple came by with similar curiosity – she avidly interested; he, tall and lanky, politely so. They admired the exterior of the Casita. We offered them an inside view, too, preening like proud parents.

Sheryl and Kurt have stayed in touch via this website. And judging from the hundreds of emails we’ve received since first revealing our plans in the newspaper last summer, it seems many people aspire to simple living and the adventures that come from seeing the country from the windshield of a car, trailer or RV.

Until they launch, we’re happy to be their “perimeter people,” providing postcard posts from the edges of America – with our heavy big blue binoculars.

15 thoughts on ““Are You the Perimeter People?”

  1. Roger Herrington March 19, 2018 — 4:57 pm

    I messaged Jonathan Willis at Casita about your blog and the article in today’s (3-19) DMN. You have already been great ambassadors for the brand. We enjoy our 2014 17′ SD. Happy Camping. Looking forward to following your adventures.

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    1. Thanks, Roger! Glad you alerted Casita. We’ve been trying to contact Casita about our plans but haven’t gotten a response. We loved our 2007 Casita SD so much that when it was stolen in 2011 we turned right around and bought another one (lightly used) just like it!


  2. Just wanted to say hi to the “perimeter people”. I’ve been enjoying your posts and your wonderful writing. I feel like I’m riding along. We look forward to month 9 or 10 when you’re on the backside of your journey. We’ll come join you somewhere. I’ll pack a special wine selection for my favorite wine drinking, camping friends. I hope my little buddy is starting to relax and enjoy his adventure. When I see him, warn his that I’m going to mess with his order and organization and create a little chaos.

    Wishing you warm regards


    Sent from my iPad

    Thomas Kirk | Chief Operating Officer | Camelot Homes 6607 N. Scottsdale Rd. H-100 | Scottsdale, Az 85250 Tel 480-367-4316 | Fax 480-367-4350 | Cell 602-228-7997 http://www.camelothomes.com | ROC# B-067408Sent from my iPad

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    1. Love it! Your little buddy is so warned! (Check us out on instagram too.)


  3. Thanks for elevating Sheryl and I to Celebrity status on your blog. We called a friend who was looking at a small Airstream and she immediately went to the Casita factory and bought one (followed by buying a new Jeep to pull it!) We will do something in few months so may see you on the road. Sheryl and I will keep up with our Blog. Safe Travels!

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    1. How wonderful! We are trying to get Casita to notice our blog and/or Instagram pics. But this sort of feedback is the best! Pls keep us posted on your plans. I just love the nom de plume “perimeter people”!


  4. Howdy, Perimeter People! (I just love that!!) So glad to hear about your launch and progress. I will look forward to your posts. Have fun and safe travels! love to you both❤️

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    1. Thanks, Cathy! Did you see my mention in an earlier blog post about our marrying-forest-ranger dreams? (For more photos, check us out on Instagram.) See you in June!


      1. what is your Instagram ID for following

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  5. Sheryl Cox Weber March 14, 2018 — 4:37 pm

    I check in every couple of days to see how you are doing! Love the comments as it is helping us plan–I am an avid birder so I am thrilled to see you are too!

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    1. Update re bikes: They are still doing great on the front. We are so relieved. Today we stopped Port Lavaca for gas and it was the first time (in 1500-plus miles since we left Dallas) that I cleaned the windshield. They barely jiggle at all. Yay!


  6. Simply beautiful. I live in envy of your amazing journey. God bless!

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    1. Thanks, Dana. Great to know you’re following along. I know this is your busy season. Sorry we aren’t working together, but we are indeed loving our adventure.


  7. Those big binoculars are just the item for shore and water birds

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