How well do you know U.S. geography?

Georges and I have now visited all four of the furthest-most points in the contiguous United States. Which prompts me to ask: Do you know what the furthest north, the furthest south, the furthest east and the furthest west points are in the Lower 48?

I didn’t until we began prepping for our Year on the Edges of America adventure. Treat yourself to a super-sized ice-cream sundae if you know all four; most people don’t.

Hint: The photo leading this blog post is from one of the furthermost points….

The mischievous in me has prompted the development of this fun U.S. geography test based on our perimeter travels so far this year. It’s a quick 12-question quiz with a maximum potential of 12 points.

The first four questions have to do with those four points I referenced above. The next eight questions reflect other facts we’ve learned on our travels so far this year. (All questions refer to the contiguous United States – e.g. excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

I’ll include the answers in my next blog post. In the meantime, feel free to try your hand answering these questions at home alone … or in the comments section below!

(Full disclosure: I would have flunked this quiz prior to taking this trip.)

Questions 1-4:

What are the furthest north, south, east and west points. (Half point for each state you name correctly; full point for each state/place you name correctly. Maximum points available: Four.)

Question 5:

What is the oldest continuously inhabited European-established settlement?

Question 6:

What state borders only one other state?

Question 7:

What country lies south of Detroit, Michigan?

Question 8:

Name a state where you can drive east to move from the Eastern time zone into the Central time zone?

Question 9:

What is the westernmost U.S. Atlantic seaport?

Question 10:

Every Texan knows the name of the river that separates the Lone Star state from Mexico, but what’s the name of the river that separates Minnesota from Canada?

Question 11:

From what National Park does water flow to three oceans – the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Arctic?

Question 12:

What is the geographic center of North America? (Half point for naming the correct state; full point for naming the correct city and state.)

10 thoughts on “How well do you know U.S. geography?

  1. And I thought I knew geography. Only got half the questions right (a couple of those were the near area). Sigh. What’s a Pooh Bear with a small brain to do?

    If you get overloaded with members of your 4 points I a year club and start a minor league farm team (that would enable rookies an added year or two, let Lucille and me be among the first to sign on.

    We love traveling with you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! Thanks, Larry. How about if G and I make you and Lucille honorary members of the grand slam club? Since G and I are thus far the only members of our club we can pretty much do whatever we want, eh? (I think this is called making up the rules as we go….) 😉 Best to you both from the rainy Pacific Northwest!


    1. Thanks Georges, you all are really fun!


  2. Wrong Minnesota border and I’m glad North Dakota has something that’s famous.

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    1. Thanks for playing, Bob! Yes we are dry, tucked inside our Casita on a bluff overlooking the Pacific at South Beach (Kalaloch didn’t have any open spots in full sun for our solar panels, which can produce energy even when it rains) and listening to the waves crash on the rocks below. It seems the last time we had two consecutive days of sunshine was last month back in Idaho. Eager for the sun to return….


  3. Without looking at the map:
    1) North – the sticky up thing in northern Minnesota
    2) East – Somewhere in Maine
    3) South – Key West, Florida
    4)West – Cape Alva, Washington (really close to home)
    5) St. Augustine, Florida
    6) Maine
    7) Canada
    8) Michigan (wild guess)
    9) Duluth, Minnesota (another guess)
    10) Rouge (or Red) River?
    11) Glacier NP
    12) Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Now on to Wikipedia.

    Hope you’re reasonably dry and have some sunshine tomorrow!

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    1. Very good. I think you got nine of possible 12 points. Official answers coming in a post tomorrow .. er .. later today….


      1. Ahh, a gentleman’s “C” (75%)

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